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  • NYS DOT Certification Test

    There will be a NYS DOT weld certification test held on Saturday July 21st at the weld facility. A practice session will be scheduled for Saturday July14th, if needed, for  those that can't make it in through the week to practice. Our weld facility is open most days from 7:00 a.m.-5:00p.m. Please contact Matt Nesbitt  by phone, email, or facebook if interested in taking the test.

  • Regular Meeting on May 11th

    Due to the ineligeability of some candidates, there are no opposed offices for the election. Therefore we will be holding a regular meeting Friday May 11th. Letters were mailed out this week outlining this. Along with that letter you will find a local survey sheet. PLEASE!!! make sure you fill out all the requested information on the survey and mail it back to the hall ASAP. We are trying to update our systems with the most current contact information for all members. The survey also contains the options for allocating your annuity/supplemental split. Click HERE for a printable version.  

  • POMCO to UMR Transition

    As many of you are probably aware POMCO is in transition to UMR and will take  effect on July 1st. Members will be receiving various informational mailings in the coming weeks outlining the changes. The benefits are the same with some added  enhancements. Once the Informational mailings are finalized they will also be added to the website, here in the news section. Please read verything you receive from UMR because there are a few steps that will need to be taken, by the members, to help ensure a smooth transition.

  • Next Regular Meeting

    Our next regular meeting will be held on Friday June 8th at 7:00. The new officers for our local will be sworn in at that time. This will be our last regular meeting until  September.

  • Outstanding Apprentice Competition 2018

    Our annual Outstanding Apprentice competition was held on Saturday April 21,2018. The second, third, and fourth year apprentices competed for the title of Apprentice of the Year. The competition consisted of a written test, timed reinforcing ties, welding, torch cutting, knot tying, block reeving, crane signals, instrument set-up, elevation shots, and the column climb for time. Congratulations to Trenton McComber, Apprentice of the Year 2018. Honorable mentions to Dalton Webb(2nd place overall), Hunter Hemlock(3rd place overall), and Justin Walter with 1st place for the second year class. Tyler Kaiser and Dustin Mills tied for the fastest column climb an 11.3 second time.See photos

  • April Meeting

    Allocation of the $1.25 wage increase was discussed and voted on with the option of  $.50 in the check, $.50 in the supplemental/annuity, $.25 in the pension, and an additional $.25 in the check in January winning the vote. The raise will take effect July 1,2018. Nominations for Local Union Officers were also held. Click on the link to see the results. Officers

  • New Journeyman Recognized at March Meeting

    Justin WheatScott Mehlin, William Bell, Brad Greene, and Jeremy Shaler were presented there Journeyman Certificates at the March meeting. Photo.