About Ironworkers Local 60

Ironworkers local 60 located in Syracuse N. Y. was chartered on February 10, 1903. The proud members of local 60 have contributed to the growth of central New York for over 100 years. Our members have been a part of building the bridges to connect our roads, buildings to make up the cities skyline, building the vast number of schools and universities in our area, manufacturing plants, breweries, several stadiums, hospitals, the building of three nuclear power plants are some of the projects ironworkers have work on.

Members of ironworkers local 60 are highly skilled and highly motivated craftsman serving the many types of contractors in the ironworking industry. Local 60 is a mixed local, which means we do a lot of different types of work. Local 60 ironworkers complete a four year apprenticeship and are trained in skills needed to perform all the work we do, such as the erection of structural steel, placing reinforcing steel, rigging, metal curtainwall and windows, precast concrete structures, fences, towers, pre-engineered metal buildings and other structures.